Beijing Air Quality Index

Xinhua Insight: China localities to improve air quailty

Date of Release: 
Jan 28 2016

BEIJING, Jan. 28 (Xinhua) -- Angst hit Liu Min on Thursday as severe smog returned to the eastern city of Jinan and the air quality index (AQI) gave a reading of 250.

Luckily, a strong cold front helped to disperse the smog in the capital of Shandong Province. In December, however, the city was not so lucky, as heavy smog across a large swathe of north China remained for nearly two thirds of the month.

Lui admitted that she often contemplates moving back to her hometown in southern Guangdong Province where the air is much better.


Post-parade air quality drops

Date of Release: 
Sep 6 2015

Beijing's air quality deteriorated on Friday after 15 consecutive days of what Chinese netizens refer to as "Parade Blue," or blue skies, sparking public concern of how to sustain clean air beyond special events.

The capital's air quality index (AQI) soared to 407 on Friday, with PM10 particles largely to blame for poor air quality, media reported.

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