Air Pollution Control Law China

China to tighten controls on industrial production

Date of Release: 
Sep 1 2015

China is to strengthen controls in industrial production to reduce water pollution. Papermaking, leather dyeing and other polluting industries which fail to meet national requirements by the end of next year will be affected, said Chen Jining, minister of environmental protection.

Technologies and facilities that will generate severe water pollution will be split into restricted and forbidden groups and sifted out, said Zhang Yong, deputy head of the National Development and Reform Commission.


Anning refinery fined for violation of national environmental laws

Date of Release: 
Aug 31 2015

The Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a modest fine over the weekend to an Anning oil refinery. While the "administrative penalty" did not specifically mention pollution, the facility in question has been the source of public concern and controversy since construction began in 2013.


China passes law to control air pollution

Date of Release: 
Aug 30 2015

China's top legislature on Saturday adopted an amendment to the Air Pollution Control Law that will restrict various sources of smog and make information on environmental cleanliness more readily available to the public.

Members of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) passed the bill through a vote at the close of the bi-monthly legislative session.

The law stipulates that a gasoline quality standard should be established and matched with the country's restriction requirements for major pollutants.

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