Plastic bags to be banned in Changu temple

Date of Release: 
Jul 31 2014

Changu Narayan Development Committee in association with The GenNep — Nation First, a youth leadership development programme under the Himalayan Climate Initiative, is set to declare Changu Narayan Temple premises a plastic-free zone from tomorrow, coinciding with Naag Panchami.

Pradip Khatiwada, Program Leader of The GenNep — Nation First, said it was part of ‘No Thanks! I Carry My Own Bag’ campaign which aims to reduce and eventually stop the use of plastic bags in the country for environmental protection.


In Air Pollution Fight, Beijing Replaces BBQ With Burning Buses

Date of Release: 
May 7 2014

Beijing’s latest attempts to ban summer outdoor grilling as part of a fight against air pollution has claimed an unexpected casualty: buses.

A bus converted into an indoor barbecue restaurant went up in flames on Tuesday, according to local media. The state-run China Daily posted a photo showing the charred, blackened shell of the makeshift restaurant, which caught fire on May 6. According to the report, no one was injured and firefighters were able to transfer two cooking-gas tanks inside the bus to safety before they could explode.

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