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Exhaust fumes take toll on HCM City air quality

Date of Release: 
Jul 16 2014

Air pollution has been a serious problem in HCM City for a long time now, but polluters face no serious punishment because of a toothless Environment Law and lack of adequate equipment to measure the pollution they cause.

Exhaust fumes from vehicles, industry, and construction impact air quality the worst.

According to the latest study, air quality in six out of the city's 12 industrial and processing zones — Cat Lai, Linh Trung 1 and 2, Tan Binh, Tan Tao, and North-western Cu Chi — has worsened since last year.


China Is Using Drones to Fight Pollution

Date of Release: 
Jul 2 2014

China has a novel approach to addressing its air pollution issues: drones.

In the country’s first aerial pollution-monitoring efforts, China deployed 11 unmanned vehicles in June designed to detect illegal nighttime emissions from 254 factories using infrared lights and thermal imaging, according to a Saturday statement from China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection.


Schools to be closed for air pollution

Date of Release: 
Nov 6 2013

China may adopt a flexible working hours system and suspend school classes in case of the highest air pollution warnings, a government circular said on Wednesday.

The circular was issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection as China has been under growing pressure to curb air pollution, with heavy smog frequently smothering large cities.

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