Draft requires environmental reviews of government policy

Date of Release: 
Oct 22 2013

A new draft amendment to China's Environment Law that was presented to lawmakers on Monday would require local governments to carefully consider how their long-term development strategies affect the environment.

Currently, environmental impact reviews focus on individual projects, but no environmental restriction has been placed on overall development plans.

Experts said the amendment is a good step forward.


China solicits opinions on harsher environment law

Date of Release: 
Aug 1 2013

China on Thursday began soliciting public opinions on a draft amendment to the environmental protection law that proposes harsher punishments for polluters.

Public opinions were sought after the draft amendment was tabled for the first reading in August 2012. Based on suggestions collected, the National People's Congress (NPC) Law Committee revised it, and the revised version was submitted to the NPC Standing Committee for the second reading in June.

The version for the second reading for the first time specifies that protecting the environment is a basic state policy.

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