Bridge over busy waters

Date of Release: 
Oct 21 2013

The recent announcement by a little-known group called the Straits of Malacca Partners Sdn Bhd to build a project to build a RM44 billion bridge linking Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra has set the maritime community abuzz.

Touted to be the biggest infrastructure project ever in Malaysia, the 50 km bridge between Malacca and Dumai in is envisioned to enhance socio-economic ties between the two lands.


Mekong-Kampong Cham Bridge - EIA critical review

Published Date: 

This case study critically evaluates the comprehensiveness and quality of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) completed for the Mekong- Kampong Cham bridge in Cambodia. Course participants will have the opportunity to consider potential environmental impacts of this type of infrastructure project during both the construction and operational phases and to evaluate how EIA findings supported decision making related to the project.

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