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EIA guideline for wind power project

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Realizing the importance of EIA for the wind sector, we decided to make an EIA guideline
simply because none exists. Our aim is two-fold: one, to convince the government of the need
for an EIA law in this sector, and two, to assist project developers who want to undertake EIA
studies, even if there is no formal EIA law in place.

To make this guideline, my colleagues have travelled across the country to understand
environmental and social issues related to wind power development. One of my colleagues


Strengthening Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures And Capabilities In Cambodia

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This project report presents a description of principal activities and key findings from the ADB Technical Assistance project no. 2078-CAM: Strengthening Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures and Capabilities in Cambodia. The project has been delivered for the Royal Government of Cambodia over the past 18 months by the International Development Research Centre in cooperation with Global Environmental Consulting, Ltd. and Resource Futures International Ltd.


Environmental Impact Assessment on the Cambodian Side of the Srepok River due to Hydropower Development in Vietnam

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The purpose of this Srepok EIA Study is to evaluate the potential impacts in Cambodia due to planned hydropower development in Vietnam. This study is part of the assessment of the Srepok River Basin in the Vietnam National Hydropower Plan Study (NHP 2005). The Srepok River basin has a moderate hydropower potential compared to other similar basins in the region and is so far undeveloped except for a small scale power station in Vietnam, Dray Linh Old (12 MW), which has not been in operation for the last few years.


Method Development for the Integrated Impact Assessment in Korea: A Case Study for the Construction of Great Korean Waterway

Mega-project has great impact on the society as a whole. With a rapid transition toward industrialization, Korea has launched a series of mega-projects so far, including the construction of highway between Seoul and Pusan, the railroad construction for the KTX (Korea Train Express), the Saemangeum land reclamation project, and etc.


Environmental impact of hydropower developments in the Amazon

Brazil has been facing criticism from international institutions and non-profit organisations regarding the environmental and social impacts of the implementation of hydropower projects in the Amazon. Concern mainly arises in relation to the country's supposed non-compliance with International Convention 169 on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries, issued by the International Labour Organisation and ratified by over 20 countries. As a result, Brazil is at risk of jeopardising its long-term energy plan.

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