Groups calling for special environmental impact assessment for Malaysia's Tanjung Aru beach

Date of Release: 
Sep 22 2013

Concerned groups are calling for a special environmental impact assessment for the proposed massive redevelopment of the scenic Tanjung Aru beach area here.

Among them is the Sabah Environmental Protection Association (SEPA) that is also urging the government to speed up the setting up of a project office to enable the public to obtain answers about redevelopment scheme.

SEPA president Lanash Thanda said there had been public apprehension about the project since its disclosure on Sept 16.


Hong Kong: Growing tide of anger at beach plan for Tai Po

Date of Release: 
Oct 29 2012

Conservationists said they will stage a mass protest and seek a judicial review to prevent the government from constructing an artificial beach at Lung Mei.

More than 10 green groups have joined forces to oppose the plan and will submit a petition to the government today, urging the chief executive or the director of the Environmental Protection Department to withdraw the permit authorizing the beach project in Tai Po.

The alliance will apply for a judicial review if the government fails to act on its petition.


Hong Kong Government's response on Tai Po Lung Mei Beach works project

Date of Release: 
Oct 8 2012

Government representatives (from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Architectural Services Department, Drainage Services Department (DSD), Environmental Protection Department (EPD), Home Affairs Department and Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department) and Tai Po District Council (DC) representatives today (October 8) met with environmental concern groups on the Tai Po Lung Mei Beach works project. A Government spokesman gave the following reply in response to media enquiries after the meeting:

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