Air Pollution Control in India

Indian Capital to Curb Cars Again to Control Air Pollution

Date of Release: 
Feb 11 2016

NEW DELHI—The New Delhi government will restrict cars on the streets for another two weeks to fight the extreme air pollution that has made the Indian capital the world's most polluted city.

Private cars will be allowed on the streets on alternate days from April 15-30 based on even or odd license plate numbers, Arvind Kejriwal, the city's top elected official, said Thursday.

The first phase in January was welcomed by people but couldn't be done permanently because the city's public bus system was inadequate, Kejriwal told reporters.


Don’t wait for 10 years like China, say activists

Date of Release: 
Feb 19 2016

Experts who worked on China’s successful pollution control measures have said India should learn from China’s mistakes and put in place regional and national level action plans — quickly.

Environmentalists had campaigned against coal-based power plants, which used to account for 60 per cent of the PM2.5 in and around Beijing, and demanded that comprehensive regional action plans be put in place.

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