Air Pollution Control in China

Urgent: Pollution control efforts underway after devastating Tianjin blasts: report

Date of Release: 
Feb 5 2016

Authorities are continuing with pollution control and monitoring efforts nearly six months after devastating Tianjin warehouse explosions, according to a report issued on Friday by a State Council investigation team.

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Beijing to Take Several Measures to Control Air Pollution

Date of Release: 
Feb 23 2016

Beijing Municipal authorities have pledged to strengthen air pollution control efforts in the capital.

Measures include setting up more air quality monitoring stations, as well as building a web of ventilation corridors to expel smog and pollutants.

Chen Jining, Minister of Environmental Protection, said there are a variety of issues to be resolved.


Don’t wait for 10 years like China, say activists

Date of Release: 
Feb 19 2016

Experts who worked on China’s successful pollution control measures have said India should learn from China’s mistakes and put in place regional and national level action plans — quickly.

Environmentalists had campaigned against coal-based power plants, which used to account for 60 per cent of the PM2.5 in and around Beijing, and demanded that comprehensive regional action plans be put in place.

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