Bauxite Mining in Malaysia

Bauxite did pollute drinking water, says academician

Date of Release: 
Feb 17 2016

PETALING JAYA: There may be a temporary reprieve from bauxite mining in Kuantan, but its “horrific” effects may still linger in its waters, reported the Malay Mail Online today.

The portal quoted Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Associate Professor Dr Maketab Mohamed as saying mining activities had contaminated drinking water in the state with heavy metals that were dangerous when consumed.

“Almost all the water for consumption in Kuantan is drawn downstream from the mines.


Bauxite mining boom another headache for Najib

Date of Release: 
Jan 26 2016

Bauxite mining in Malaysia went on a tear after neighbouring Indonesia banned exports, transforming an industry that hardly existed until 2013 into China’s biggest supplier.

In September alone, China bought a record 3.7 million metric tonnes of Malaysian aluminum-rich bauxite. It was a US$170.8 million (RM732 million) windfall for the oil-palm covered hills in eastern Pahang state, where dozens of companies have rushed in, paying smallholder-farmers for their land to be dug up.


Malaysia to amend laws to target environmental pollutors

Date of Release: 
Jan 19 2016

PAHANG, Malaysia: Malaysia's Natural Resources and Environment Minister is planning on amending legislation to enforce strict liability for those behind environmental pollution.

The push comes at a time when Malaysians are up in arms over the sea and rivers turning red in Pahang state, supposedly due to pollution from bauxite mining.

It is known worldwide as the main source of aluminium, but in Malaysia’s Pahang state, bauxite has earned a reputation as the source of environmental pollution and corruption.

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