Air Pollition in New Delhi

Pollution watch at centre of next odd-even plan

Date of Release: 
Mar 17 2016

New Delhi: As the second phase of the odd-even scheme is approaching, the Delhi government is fleshing out a robust air pollution monitoring plan.

Delhi Pollution Control Committee recently floated a global tender for hand-held air pollution monitoring devices, which scientists hope would come before the plan kicks in. The major change in the scheme this time would be in the way monitoring is done and the locations selected, officials said.


Delhi's pollution at 'alarming' levels even before Diwali

Date of Release: 
Nov 11 2015

NEW DELHI: Pollution levels have reached "alarming" levels in Delhi even before Diwali and could touch "scary" heights after the festival on Wednesday, an environment watchdog said on Tuesday.

Diwali, the festival of lights, has been increasingly adding tonnes of toxic smoke to the city's air in recent years because of the extensive use of firecrackers, leading to major health issues.

This year the pollution levels could cross previous levels, experts warned.

One reason for this is crop burning, widespread construction activity and carbon emissions from outdated trucks and vehicles.

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