EIA Study for Exploratory Drilling of Oil Exploration in the Block PEL of Kangra-Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

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Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is a public sector petroleum company in India. It is a company contributing 77% of India's crude oil and 81 % natural gas production. It is the highest profit-making corporation in India. In order to meet the increasing demand of petroleum product, ONGC has proposed to drill one exploratory well in the Kangra-Mandi block near village Tihari under Khundia Tehsil, Dist. Kangra (Himachal Madhya Pradesh) for exploration of hydrocarbon under PEL policy. The latitude and longitude of the identified drilling location is 31O51′13.87″ and 76O21′57.77″ respectively.

Article 14 of the contract signed with Govt. of India imposes on operator a condition to carry out a preliminary environmental impact study before commencement of exploratory drilling in the given contract area. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation limited (ONGC) being an operator in this block requires to carryout the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study. The purpose of such study is to assess the environmental impacts arising due to the exploratory drilling proposed in the Kangra-Mandi block. To conduct this study, ONGC retained National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur to carry out EIA study for various environmental components including air, noise, water, land, biological and socio-economic which may be affected and to prepare Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for mitigating the adverse impacts.

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